If you obtain a brand new shared web hosting plan, it's created on a server and the entire process typically takes a while, not mentioning the confirmation and processing of your payment, which a lot of companies perform personally. When you buy a dedicated server, for instance, the installation takes more time as the unit must be assembled, set up and tested so as to guarantee that it'll operate efficiently. Because of this, a large number of providers have a one-time charge so as to cover the time and efforts used on your brand new account. The charge, which can sometimes be quite high, is normally not listed on the front page, but you'll notice it on your checkout or payment page, therefore you will not be aware of it before you've already completed the whole registration process and you may even miss it if you do not pay close attention.

Setup Fee in Shared Web Hosting

When you get a shared web hosting package through us, the end price that you will have to pay through the checkout is identical to the cost you've already noticed on the front page as well as on any other page on our website. The processing of the payment and the account generation on our advanced cloud hosting platform are close to fully automatic, so we believe that charging you any installation fees is rather unreasonable. Even if you get a couple of accounts at once, you won't be required to spend any money for the installation or for any other kind of concealed costs for that matter. It is our principle that being honest to every single client since the beginning is way more beneficial than obtaining a few extra dollars.